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How to get Google Maps API Key for your website

Login & Select Maps

Please go to Google API Console. and login with your google account. Once logged in it will display a popup so pick Maps from it. Google Maps Setup

Select a New or Existing Project

Create a new project or select an existing project then click on Continue to enable the API and any related services. RealHomes Documentation

Activate Billing for your Account

On the next step you have to create a billing profile. You can consult the Official Guide of Google to learn how you can activate billing for you account.

Enable Maps Javascript API & Geocoding API

After creating the billing profile navigate to the Console and click on APIs from the right navigation. RealHomes Documentation

On this new page, click on Maps Javascript API and Enable it. Now go back to the APIs page and click on Geocoding API and Enable it as well. This is also needed to make the Find Address field work properly on Property Edit Page. RealHomes Documentation

Restrict the API Key to your Domain Only

After activating both APIs in the previous step now click on the Navigation Menu and select APIs & Services and click on Credentials.

In this section, you will see the name of your API Key (so click on it) and restrict it by adding your site URLs (in 3 formats:, and * as shown in the screencast below. RealHomes Documentation


If you don't restrict the Google Maps API Key then anyone can use it on his website because the API Key is exposed in the code. So, you must restrict the API Key to your domain only.

Copy the API Key and Add it

Copy the generated Google Maps API key from the popup. Click on Close button to proceed after you copied the API Key. RealHomes Documentation

Put this API Key you just copied in Maps Settings (Easy Real Estate → Settings → Maps → Google Maps API Key). RealHomes Documentation

Default Location for Maps on Single Property & Property Listing Pages

In this Maps settings tab, you can also provide the default location for New Property Map and Properties Listing Map (when there is no property to display).

Important Information

If you are running the RealHomes Theme older than 3.9.0 version then related settings can be found by navigating to Dashboard → RealHomes → Customize Settings → Map

Verify Domain with Google:

How to Change Google Map Type

The Google Map Type can be changed in Dashboard → RealHomes → Customize Settings → Properties Templates & Archives → Google Map Type.

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