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This documentation was last updated on June 3rd, 2024, and the current version of the RealHomes Theme is 4.3.1

Thank you for choosing the RealHomes Theme. For any inquiries not covered in this documentation, please search our knowledge base or reach out through our support platform. If you need assistance with obtaining your item purchase code from to register on our support site, refer to this article.

What's new in v4.3.x?

We've introduced several new features in our latest release, including:

Tips to Improve Website Performance

  • Opt for a VPS over shared hosting and ensure it's SSD-based for better resources.
  • Upgrade to PHP 7.4 or newer, a requirement for WordPress, and ensure MySQL version is 5.6 or higher (Contact your hosting provider for updates).
  • Use a reliable cache plugin like WP Fastest Cache Plugin and thoroughly test your site after installation and configuration.
  • Enhance user experience with plugins like Flying Pages for faster loading.
  • Reduce image load times with an image compression plugin such as Imagify.
  • Boost performance by leveraging a CDN service to deliver content faster and more efficiently.

RealHomes Specific Cache Configurations

  • Avoid combining JavaScript files for the RealHomes theme when using a cache plugin (or any optimization plugin). This theme isn't typical and certain scripts load only when needed. Additionally, dynamic data is generated before some scripts based on various settings. Combining JavaScript files can lead to errors.
  • RealHomes utilizes the following cookies (if related settings/plugins are enabled). Configure your cache plugin to exclude pages that use these cookies, or request the same from your host if it's like WPEngine (which doesn't permit cache plugins and manages caching at the server level):
    • realhomes_current_currency

Using a Child Theme

Utilizing a child theme is strongly recommended to ensure smooth updates of the parent theme whenever new versions are released. The main theme pack downloaded "" from ThemeForest includes a pre-built, ready-to-use child theme, often referred to as "".

Updating the Theme

RealHomes offers auto-updates within the WordPress dashboard. However, if you're updating from a very old version, you can refer to this knowledge base article.

For further assistance, please register/login at our support platform and submit your question. Our support team will assist you promptly.

Support Policy

Included in Support

  • Providing technical assistance on the theme's features.
  • Addressing reported bugs and issues.
  • Offering guidance on included third-party assets.

Not Included in Support

  • Custom code modifications.
  • Theme installation and setup.