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How to set up Currency Switcher

To enable Currency Switching feature in RealHomes theme you would need to install and configure the RealHomes Currency Switcher plugin. Plesae follow the steps given blow.k

Install & Activate 'RealHomes Currency Switcher' Plugin

  1. Navigate to Dashboard → Plugins → Add New and search for RealHomes Currency Switcher as displayed in the screenshot below:

    Install RealHomes Currency Switcher Plugin

  2. Once found, Install and Activate the plugin.

Configure Plugin Settings

Navigate to Dashboard → Easy Real Estate → Currencies Settings page. This page contains the following settings.

  • Enable/Disable Currency Switcher
  • Open Exchange App ID (*You can get your Open Exchange Rate 'App ID' from here)
  • Update Interval
  • Base Currency
  • Allowed Currencies
  • Expiry Period of Switched Currency
  • Update Currencies Rates

Currencies Settings

Once you are done with the above settings, visit your site's frontend and you will see a currency switcher floating at the right side of your site. As displayed in screenshot below.

RealHomes Documentation


In case of any further assistance, you can signup/login to our support website and ask your question over there.