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How to set up Currency Switcher

Update Note

We recently learned from our experience that this feature is not stable yet and I would not recommend you to use it for now. Actually, it’s related API produce inconsistencies with currency conversion data while updating currency exchange rates. So, We are working on making it stable in future updates.

We will use WP Currencies plugin to add currency switcher. If you are unable to install it via Dashboard Plugin then you can directly download it from here.

Install the WP Currencies plugin. As guided in screen shot below.

Real Homes Documentation

After installing and activating the plugin.

Go to Dashboard → Settings → Currencies. You need to sign up and get a free api key for your site from

Provide the API key and save the changes.

Real Homes Documentation

Now you need to navigate to Dashboard → Real Homes → Customize Settings → Floating Features panel. This panel contains Currency Switcher section ( which only appears if related plugin is installed ) There you can configure related settings.

Real Homes Documentation

Real Homes Documentation

Configure base currency and target currencies.


If you find base currency dropdown empty then simply wait for few minutes and refresh your settings page. As this could be due to the late completion of first time data fetch request from In case of any problem reach us on our support site.

After making all the above settings, Visit your site's front end and you will have a currency switcher floating on the right side of your site. As displayed in screenshot below.

Real Homes Documentation

Use it and you will find that prices are being displayed in your selected currency.