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Setup Single Property Page with Elementor in Ultra

Version 4.1.0 of RealHomes introduced Elementor-based Single Property support in Ultra Design. You can import the pre-designed single property template or design your own using the following steps:

Import & Setup Pre-Designed Single Property Layout

  1. Go to Dashboard → RealHomes → Customize Settings → Property Detail Page → Basics.
  2. Select Elementor Single Property Template and Sample Property ID For Elementor Editor in this Customizer section. In Sample Property ID for Elementor Editor you must type in the Post ID of the desired property you like to display while editing in Elementor.
  3. This will allow you to design or customize your own or existing single property layout in Elementor.

To learn more, download the Ultra Assets zip package and check out this helpful video to import the pre-designed single property layout:

Design your own Single Property Layout

To design the single property layout in Ultra using Elementor, check out the following video: