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My Favorites Module

Navigate to Dashboard → RealHomes → Customize Settings → Dashboard → My Favorites section to enable/disable the module.

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You can Show/Hide favorite button on property detail page and also Require Login for adding to favorite.


RealHomes Favorties Ultra


RealHomes Favorties Modern


RealHomes Favorties Classic

How Favorite Properties Feature Works!

  • Any visitor can add any property to his/her favorites collection.
  • The favorited properties can be accessed through the Favorites page.
  • If Login is not required and the user is not logged in, then the favorite properties information is stored in the browser's local storage.
  • If the logged-in user adds a property to favorites, it is stored in the database as user meta.
  • The user can delete the Property from the favorites collection by clicking on the Remove from Favorites page.

RealHomes Documentation