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Translating Property Search Page

Before setting up Property Search page please make sure that the Language URL Format should be set to Different languages in directories (as displayed in the screenshot below).

Real Homes Documentation

  1. Go to Dashboard → Pages in WordPress admin side and look for Property Search Page. Click on the + button to add it's translation. Real Homes Documentation

  2. Provide the translated page title. Real Homes Documentation

  3. Make sure the language meta box is showing the right settings. Real Homes Documentation

  4. Make sure it is using the Property Search Template.
    Real Homes Documentation

  5. Publish the page once ready.

  6. Note: For English Property Search page we have already configured the URL in appropriate settings section. Now, We need to translate that URL value so that search form on our other language pass the parameters to translated search page.


Search Page Settings Classic


Search Page Settings Modern

  1. Property Search page is translated and ready to be used.