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Ultra Setup

About Ultra Design

Ultra Design functionality is introduced in RealHomes version 4.0.0 . Make sure you have followed the Installation guide before following the steps given below .

Import Ultra Design Demo Data

Now you can import the Ultra Design Demo Contents. Go to RealHomes → Demo Import to import demo data.


Click on blue Import Demo button of Ultra - Elementor and you will see the next page where it will confirm the required plugins are installed including the Ultra Design plugin.

If any plugin is missing then the Demo Import process will install it so click on Continue & Import button again to confirm the import.

Wait for few minutes as the demo images are being fetched (downloaded) from the remote server to your website, and this process can take a couple of minutes (depending on the speed of your hosting server).



Sometimes, the import process takes longer than expected and doesn't complete in the first attempt. So, simply import again until the process is complete.

Once the import process is complete, You will receive a notice as the one displayed in the screenshot below.


Visit your site and you will find your site working like the theme demo.

For any assistance, Kindly register/login at our support website and ask your question over there. So that our support team can assist you properly.