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New Fields Builder

You can create new property fields that can be added and displayed in Search Form, Property Submit Form and Property Detail Page.

Navigate to the Dashboard → Easy Real Estate → New Fields Builder page as demonstrated below.

New Fields Builder

New Fields Builder Guide

  • You can re-order a field by drag and drop handle that you can be seen near the field label.
  • For multi-option fields e.g Checkbox, Radio and Select you can add comma separated values to create lists.
  • You can choose where you want to display the new fields e.g. Advance Search Form, Property Submit Page, Property Listing Cards and Property Single Page.
  • Don't forget to Save Settings once you are done with adding new fields.


The New Field Builder is added in v3.10.0 so if you have RealHomes Theme older than 3.10.0 then you must update it to the latest version to have it.