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We have introduced Dashboard template in RealHomes Version 3.12.0. It provides a professionally designed interface to covers following functionalities.

  1. User Frontend Property Submission
  2. Management of Submitted Properties
  3. User's Profile Information Management
  4. User's Favorite Properties Management
  5. User's Membership subscription and payments.

This new Dashboard template is common for all design variations and all future functionality related to members will be introduced as part of it.

Deprecated Templates

Introduction of this new Dashboard template comes with deprecation of some existing templates which are listed below.

  1. Submit Property Template
  2. My Properties Template
  3. Edit Profile Template
  4. Memberships Plans Template
  5. Favorites Template

So, Stop using above templates and use *Dashboard template instead as all future development will be focused around it.

For any Assistance

Kindly register at our support website and ask your question over there. So that our support team can assist you.

Setup Dashboard

There are only two steps required to setup dashboard page.

Step 1. Creating Dashboard Page


If you have imported the demo contents then this page might already exist.

Go to WordPress Dashboard → Pages → Add New

1.1 - Page Title

Provide the page title

Add Dashboard Page

1.2 - Template Selection

Select the Dashboard template from page attributes.

Dashboard Page Template

1.3 - Publish Page

Publish the page once it is ready.

Step 2. Configuring Dashboard Settings

Navigate to Dashboard → RealHomes → Customize Settings → Dashboard → Basic section and select the recently created page for dashboard.

Dashboard Page Selection