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Setup Submit Property Page

Create Submit Property Page


If you have imported demo contents then Submit Property page is already created. But you still need to configure related settings as guided below.

To add Submit Property page, Go to Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Provide the page title

Real Homes Documentation

Select the Submit Property template from page attributes.

Real Homes Documentation

Publish the page once it is ready.

Now you need to navigate to Dashboard → Real Homes → Customize Settings → Members and look for Submit Property section where you can configure related settings.

Real Homes Documentation Real Homes Documentation

Few Important Points to Note

Real Homes Documentation Real Homes Documentation

  1. You can change the status of the newly submitted property. You can either select Pending or Publish. If you will select Pending the property will not directly available for public view but if you select Publish then it will be published for everyone to see.

  2. You can add Terms & Conditions field to submit property page. You can also select a page for Terms & Conditions.

  3. You can change the Default Address which is shown in Submit Property page.

  4. You can also modify the longitude and latitude of the default map location.

  5. You can enable Auto-Generated Property ID for your properties. You can also provide a pattern for the property id field.

  6. You can add default titles and values for addition property details using Default Additional Details.

  7. The message which is shown after successful submission of the property can also be changed in this section.

  8. The email address where you want to get the notification of new property listing submissions are also changed here.

Save the changes and your Submit Property page is ready for use.


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