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WPML Basic Setup

I am assuming that you have bought WPML Multilingual CMS package and you have a working version of WordPress with RealHomes Theme installed and configured based on the documenation and sample data provided with in the theme package.

Please follow the steps below to configure the basic settings for WPML Plugin.

  1. Install and Activate WPML Multilingual CMS Plugin. RealHomes Documentation

  2. Upon activation it will display a notice at the top to configure WPML if you are activating it for the first time. Click on Configure WPML. RealHomes Documentation

  3. If you don't see the notice at the top then you can go to Dashboard → WPML → Languages to configure it.

  4. Select English as Current Language and click Next.

  5. Select the other languages for your site and click Next.

  6. Leave all the section on this page as it is and click Next.

  7. Select Send theme and plugins info, in order to get faster support and compatibility alerts and click Next.

  8. Register WPML by adding in the Site key if you want to receive automatic updates OR press "Remind Me Later" button.

  9. Click Finish Button, Now you will be taken to Dashboard → WPML → Languages page but with different interface. If not then manually go to Dashboard → WPML → Languages Page.

  10. Look for Language URL Format section and choose Different languages in directories. RealHomes Documentation

  11. Now, search for Make themes work multilingual and disable this option. RealHomes Documentation

  12. Leave all other sections as it is.

  13. Now, Install and activate WPML String Translation plugin. RealHomes Documentation

  14. After that Go to Dashboard → WPML → Theme and Plugin Localization.

  15. From Localization options , Choose Automatically load the theme's .mo file using 'load_textdomain' and type framework in Enter textdomain field below and Save. RealHomes Documentation

  16. Next Options is “Strings in the Theme”, Press the Scan the theme for Strings Button and Wait for results. RealHomes Documentation

  17. Now, Go to Dashboard → WPML → String Translation section and configure the following settings. RealHomes Documentation

  18. After that, navigate to Dashboard → WPML → Settings and scroll down until you find "How to translate posts and pages" and set it to Use WPML's Classic Translation Editor as shown below. RealHomes Documentation

  19. Basic settings are complete and you can translate any string that does not exist in the post, pages and taxonomies via Dashboard → WPML → String Translation section. For more information consult:

Once the basic setup is complete you can move on to setup the WPML Language Switcher.