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Real Estate CRM Plugin

Real Estate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) plugin provides the ability to manage the enquiries of your customers. It has separate Enquiries and Contacts sections.

Some key features of Real Estate CRM plugin are.

  • Manage enquiries of your customers in one place.
  • Catch all the enquiries from all the forms throughout the theme.
  • Add contacts to the system.
  • Multiple Negotiator Sources are availbale.


If you have not installed Real Estate CRM Plugin during the installation of the RealHomes Theme then you can simply install it via Dashboard → RealHomes → Plugins and activate.

Real Estate CRM Plugin


Navigate to Dashboard → Real Estate CRM → Settings to change the settings. You can modify the following in this section.

  • Contact Statuses - It will be the relationship type e.g. Lead, Customer, VIP or Partner etc.

  • Contact Prefixes - Mr. Mrs etc.

  • Source Enquiry Status - It can be Open, Close, Pending, Ongoing etc.

  • Enquiry Negotiator Source - You have to define the source for negotiation e.g. Custom Post Type or Users.

  • Select Custom Post Type For Negotiator Source - If choosen Custom Post Type then you will have to select the Post Type e.g. Agents or other as a source.

Real Estate CRM Plugin


The Enquiries section will display all the enquiries submitted by any type of form (contact form, agent contact form etc.) throughout your website in Dashboard → Real Estate CRM → Enquiries. When you click on Enquiry ID you will have the following view where you can see all the enquiry by a single customer.

Real Estate CRM Plugin


All the contacts are found in Dashboard → Real Estate CRM → Contacts. Click on Contact ID will give you access to the changing the details for each contact.

Real Estate CRM Plugin

Add New Contacts

  • You can add a new contact to the CRM by navigating to Dashboard → Real Estate CRM → Add New.

Real Estate CRM Plugin

Share Your Feedback

Please feel free to share your feedback about Real Estate CRM plugin as it will help us improve it in the future. You can send your feedback by filling this form: