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Individual Property Payments Using Stripe

Installation & Setup

You have to install Inspiry Stripe Payments plugin to accept payments for individual properties using Stripe.

  1. Navigate to Dashboard → Plugins → Add New and search for Inspiry Stripe Payments as displayed in the screenshot below:

    Inspiry Stripe Payments Plugin Install

  2. Once found, Install and Activate the plugin.

  1. You should learn about Stripe API Keys and obtain yours.

  2. Navigate to Dashboard → Settings → Inspiry Stripe Payments

    Inspiry Stripe Payments Settings

  3. Configure the settings as per your requirements and Save Options

  4. Once done, You can visit my properties page on your website to view Stripe payment button for individual properties.

    My Properties Payment Buttons


In case of any issue, you can signup/login to our support website and ask your question over there.