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RealHomes Ultra Elementor Widgets

First of all, to edit the page with Elementor by simple clicking on Edit with Elementor button. It will redirect you to the Elementor's Editing Mode where you will have Elementor's Widget Panel on left and Page's Preview on the right.

The page must have Full Width or Fluid Width Page Template assigned.

Container Settings

The very first step is to set a full width container with no gaps. Please check out the following video.

To add any RealHomes Widget simply drag the widget to the right as shown in the following videos (double click to video for full screen mode).

Ultra Search Form

The RealHomes Ultra Search Form elementor widget is the advanced search form, which you can place anywhere throughout the website.

Ultra Properties

Ultra Main Properties Slider

The RealHomes Ultra Main Properties Slider elementor widget can be used to have a hero properties slider on the home page.

Ultra Properties

Ultra Properties

The RealHomes Ultra Properties elementor widget allows you to display properties in multiple variations.

Ultra Properties

The RealHomes Ultra Featured Properties elementor widget enabled you to show only Featured properties.

Ultra Properties

Ultra Agents

If you like to display the agents, then you can place the RealHomes Ultra Agents on any page.

Ultra Properties

Ultra City

The RealHomes Ultra City elementor widget lets you display taxonomies in a very nice manner.

Ultra Properties

Ultra Testimonials

The RealHomes Ultra Testimonials elementor widget can help you display good words of your clients.

Ultra Properties

Ultra News Grid

The RealHomes Ultra News Grid elementor widget can be used to put the blog posts on any page.

Ultra Properties