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Geo Location Setup

The Geo Location Radius Search has been added in v4.1.0 of RealHomes. With this feature, users can search for properties using a specific area on a map. Please note that this feature is currently only available in RealHomes Vacation Rental and it can only be used with Google Maps.


You must enable Google Places API for your Google Maps API Project, otherwise Geo Location Radius Search won't work.

To activate the Geo Location feature, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Dashboard → RealHomes → Customize Settings → Properties Search → Search Form Locations.
  2. Select Geo Location for Location Field Type.

Geo Location Setup

In this section, you can also modify the following settings for Geo Location Radius Search:

Radius Range Type

You can choose whether to display the radius range in miles or kilometers.

Initial Radius Range Value

Specify the starting radius range for Geo Location search. Please note that this value should only be in numbers and should be specified in miles or kilometers.

Minimum and Maximum Radius Range Value

You can specify the minimum and maximum radius range that a user can choose for Geo Location search. Please note that both these values should only be in numbers.