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Create Property Search Page

Create a new page "Property Search" Using Property Search Template ( In case of Imported XML this page is already created ). Other search templates with sidebar support are also available for use, for the same purpose.


Make sure that the slug of this page should not be "" because that will conflict with internal WordPress search and create issues for your website.

Create Property Search Page

Property Search Template Selection

Search Page Variation for Classic Design

If you are using Classic Design and you want to change the Search Page Variation then you can navigate to Dashboard → Appearance → Customize → Properties Search → Properties Search Page and in the bottom of this section you have the option to choose the Search Page Variation.

Property Search Page Variation - Classic

RealHomes Misc Settings


RealHomes Misc Settings - Classic


RealHomes Misc Settings - Modern


RealHomes Misc Settings - Ultra

More information about Banner Settings can be found here: