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SSL Enhancements

Security is a major concern these days and when it comes to security SSL certificate is a must have feature. So, when you install an SSL certificate then you might experience some minor problems like mixed content etc.

You can check any errors in your web browser’s console.

  • Google Chrome has a JavaScript Console in its developer tools (To open: CMD + Option + J or CTRL + Shift + J)
  • FireFox has the Web Console or Firebug (To open: Ctrl + Shift + J or CMD + Shift + J)
  • Safari has the Error Console (To open: Options + CMD + C)

Once the browser’s console is open simply refresh your website or page so it reloads the insecure content again and logs warnings to the console.

Why No Padlock? is also a really good online test tool to diagnose HTTPS problems.


You can fix most of these issues by installing any of the following plugins.

Real Simple SSL:

SSL Insecure Content Fixer: