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Settings (Classic)

Homepage Settings (Classic)

You can configure Homepage Settings from its add/edit page.

Homepage Settings Classic

Homepage Sections Manager

Sections Manager gives you control over the sections order of Homepage, for example, you can display the blog posts section as first instead of featured properties section or you can put Features section at the top or in the middle.

To change the order of the sections you can drag and drop them in the Sections Manager tab.

Sections Manager for Home Page

Homepage Slider

You can feed slider contents from following sources

  1. Properties Custom Post Type - It will attach properties to your slides with a description box ( Default Slider, Very easy to use )
  2. Search Form Over Image / Video - It is also possible to have search form with an image or video as a background
  3. Map with Properties Markers - Selecting this option will display a map at the home page instead of the slider
  4. Image Based Banner - It will be an image based banner just like the banner in sub-pages
  5. Revolution Slider - You can add text,images, buttons and videos the way you want. ( Little difficult to use but awesome results )
  6. Slides Custom Post Type - You can attach a simple image to your slide with related text data ( easy to use with results similar to properties based slider )
  7. Contact Form Over Slider - Select this option to have a Contact Form Over the Slider.

Go to Homepage Settings → Slider Area tab to configure slider settings.

Home Page Slider

1. Properties Based Slider

Visit the slider settings as guided above and choose Slider Based on Properties Custom Post Type as displayed in screenshot above.

If you want to include a property in homepage slider, Then you need to edit that property and look for metabox field with tab title "Homepage Slider". Open the tab and select Yes plus provide slide image as required by Slider Image field in screen shot below it.

Home Page Slider

2. Search Form Over Image / Video on Homepage

Navigate to Homepage Settings → Slider Area and choose related option as displayed in screenshot below.

Search Form Over Image on Homepage

For Properties Search Form settings, Check out related section in this documentation.

3. Display Google Maps on Homepage

Adding google map on homepage is super simple as properties already have their locations stored in database. So, Go to Homepage Settings → Slider Area tab and choose related option as shown in below screenshot.

Display Google Map on Homepage


To enable Google Maps for your website, You need to configure Google Maps API key by navigating to Easy Real Estate → Settings → Maps.

4. Display Image Banner on Homepage

To display image banner on homepage, Go to Homepage → Slider Area tab and choose banner related option as displayed in screenshot below.

Image Banner Home Page

After that you can provide banner image for the Homepage OR for overall site from Header → Banner section in customizer.

Header Banner

5. Revolution Slider

Look for the folder name Plugins/Revolution Slider in unzipped package downloaded from This folder will contain revolution slider's plugin zip, documentation and demo slider import zip. You need to go to Plugins → Add New in your WordPress dashboard side and upload the as displayed in image below.

Home Page Slider

After installing and activating Revolution Slider please navigate to Dashboard → Slider Revolution and click on Import Slider as shown in this screenshot below. The zip file of the slider is located in the main package of Real Homes Theme (rh-main-package → Plugins → Revolution Slider → realhomes-slider-zip →

Home Page Slider

Home Page Slider

Once the slider is imported then set it in the Homepage Settings → Slider Area → What to Display Below Header on Home Page ? option as Slider Based on Revolution Slider Plugin and set Revolution Slider Alias as realhomes.

Home Page Slider

6. "Slides" Custom Post Type Based Slider

To display slider based on slides custom post type, You need to add new slides as displayed in screenshot below.

Home Page Slider

After adding slides go to Homepage Settings → Slider Area and choose Slider Based on Slides Custom Post Type as displayed in screenshot below.

Home Page Slider

7. Display a Contact Form Over Slider

You can also have a Contact Form over the Slider. So, Go to Homepage Settings → Slider Area tab and choose Contact Form Over Slider option as displayed below.

Home Page Slider

Search Form on Homepage

Go to the Homepage Settings → Search Form tab to show/hide Properties Search form on Homepage.

Header Banner

Slogan & Properties on Homepage

Go to Homepage Settings → Properties tab. It contains Slogan section where you can change slogan text and description text and configure homepage Properties settings.

Slogan On Home Page

Filter Properties

To display properties based on locations, statuses or types particularly you can use related settings displayed in screenshot below.

Slogan Section

Features Section on Homepage

Go to Homepage Settings → Features Section for related settings. Add Feature Image, Feature Title, Feature Description and Feature URL for three columns by using the + Add more button to display Features Section on Homepage.

Properties On Home Page

Features Section will be visible when all three features are filled.

Properties On Home Page

Go to Homepage Settings → Featured Properties tab for related settings.

Featured Properties Settings

News Posts on Homepage

Go to Homepage Settings → News/Blog Posts tab for related settings.

News Posts Settings