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Google Maps Troubleshooting

How to Troubleshoot Google Maps

The easiest way to inspect issues related to Google Maps is to open the console being on the page where the Google Map is not working. Follow the steps below.

1. Open the page where Google Maps is displaying some issue. 2. Once the page is loaded, open the Console. You can open it by using the shortcut keys which is CMD + Option + J on Mac and CTRL + Shift + J on Windows. 3. In the console, you can find the warnings in RED about Google Map problem. For example, if it says RefererNotAllowedMapError it means the URLs you have added in the setup process are wrong. To learn about any error, you can visit the relevant page of Google:

RefererNotAllowedMapError in Console

If you see RefererNotAllowedMapError in the console it means the URLs you have added in the Credentials section of your Google Maps API Project are wrong. Repeat the 5th Step in the setup explained here:

Find Address is not working

One of the most common issues is the Find Address section in the Property Edit page on backend Dashboard. It will not work if you have not activated the Geocoding API Services for your Google Maps Project which you created to get Google Maps API Key. So, you can find it in APIs section and Enable it for the project.

Any Other Issues

If you experience any other problem which is not explained in the Documentation then drop a ticket at our support website and our support team will assist you in every possible manner.