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Add Properties List Page


If you have imported the demo contents XML then this page is already created and you might need to only edit these pages to fulfill your needs.

Go to Dashboard → Pages and click the Add New button.

  • Provide page title

Properties Listing Page

  • Choose appropriate page template.

There are 3 Templates for properties listing pages.

  1. Properties List
  2. Properties List Full Width
  3. Properties Grid
  4. Properties Grid Full Width
  5. Properties With Half Map

Properties Listing Templates

Map Settings

If you like to disable the map on Properties Listing pages then you can disable it and control several other options by navigating to Dashboard → Real Homes → Customize Settings → Various Pages → List Templates & Taxonomy Archives as shown below.


Properties Listing Templates


Properties Listing Templates

Properties Filter Settings

You can Filter Properties based on your requirements using meta boxes displayed in screen shot below.

Properties Filter Settings

In above displayed Properties Filter Settings, you can control the following:

  • Number of properties on each page in the pagination.
  • The order of properties by date, price etc.
  • Properties by specific location, status, type, feature etc.
  • You can also filter the property by minimum/maximum beds and minimum/maximum price.
  • You can even show the properties by a specific agent.

You can modify the banner information as shown in the screenshot below for Classic Variation.

Banner Area Settings

You can modify information related to banner as displayed in the screenshot below for Modern Varitaion.

Add Gallery Page

Publish the page once it is ready.

Add Listing Page to the Menu

After publishing you need to add the newly created page to the menu via Dashboard → Appearance → Menus

Adding Listing Page to the Menu