For your real estate business, you need the best real estate WordPress theme, which should be designed in a way that will attract people to visit your site. Before initiating the development process, you need to know all the details related to your website theme, color, enhancements, and much more. With the latest version of WordPress 5.4, you can make more enhancements that were not available in previous versions.

You can now download the latest version “Adderley,” which was released on 31st March 2020. Now, it’s time to explore some new and exciting features coming with WordPress 5.4. You need to install the latest version for using its impressive features that will make your site look fascinating and adore. It doesn’t matter which type of theme is using. You can apply settings on every type of theme. For instance, you have installed real homes WordPress theme on your website, now you can edit that theme in a much better way. Its new features include improvements, bug fixes to the block editor, minor changes in functionalities, and the editor’s usability has been improved.

WordPress Block Editor Features 

Once you have installed the real estate WordPress theme on your website, the next step is to upgrade your WordPress version to 5.4 immediately. It brings a lot of amazing features and has improved the editor’s usability on both mobile and desktop. Some of the new changes which are strictly related to the interface such as full default screen mode, improved block selection, switching between edit and selection mode, mobile toolbar, and block navigation. 

wordpress 5.4

Features and Enhancements

Let’s have a look at some of the block editor’s features and enhancements that come with WordPress 5.4.

  • Social Icons Block
  • Buttons Block
  • Additional Color Options
  • Welcome Guide Model
  • Default Full Screen Mode Enabled
  • Add Featured Images in the Latest Blog Post
  • Additional Color Options
  • Inline Text Color Support

Now, we will explore some more details of these block editor’s features.

  • Social Icons Block

The Social Icons Block allows you to add icons with links to social media profiles. This block contains a good number of social icons from where you can choose the icons easily. This block is now available in updated WordPress but was stable since Gutenberg7.5. 

wordpress 5.4
  • Full-Screen Mode

WordPress 5.4 is providing another new feature that is the full-screen mode, which is enabled by default. You can also pin Full-Screen mode (on/off) from more tools & options menu. 

  • Additional Color Options

WordPress 5.4 has made some more enhancements to the block editor. Colors make your website more attractive and look presentable. So you need to add colors that best suit your site. You can also change the background color of your real estate theme. You may see in the colors option that now you are not limited to solid colors. Some blocks contain gradient colors. Let’s have a look at some of the color-related enhancements. 

  • Gradient background support
  • Groups block Text Color Support.
  • Change the color of text and background.
wordpress 5.4
  • Add Featured Images to your Latest Blog Post

Another exciting feature that is now added to your block editor is that you can add featured images to your latest blog post. This is the newest improvement, which is now added to your latest WordPress version. 

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