Membership Packages

Unlock exclusive benefits by offering users subscription-based packages for submitting listings. Create packages to their unique needs, providing a variety of benefits and prices. Maximize your earnings with flexible and personalized Properties Membership Packages.

Package Subscription

A package can be selected easily by clicking on the Get Started button. On the next page, it can be paid by using the preferred payment method that you allow, such as Wire Transfer, PayPal, Stripe, or any other from a huge variety supported by WooCommerce payment methods.

Wire Transfer
Package Subscription Notification

Subscribed Package and Benefits View

Subscribed package details and associated benefits can be viewed on the user-friendly membership dashboard page. Also gives full control of membership with convenient options to cancel or change the package, ensuring flexibility and a fair user experience.

Supported Payment Methods

Unlock Exceptional Advantages

Membership System Benefits

Control Properties Limit

Take charge of the number of property submissions by setting a specific limit in each package. Users will need to upgrade the package to a higher package to increase the limit.

Featured Properties

Allow users to highlight their premium properties effortlessly with the Featured Properties feature. The featuring properties limit can be set separately from the total number of allowed properties submission.

Duration Controls

Set the package duration that suits your users' needs, whether it's a short-term or a long-term commitment. Enjoy the freedom to customize your real estate journey with the flexible duration option.

Flexible Payment Methods

Experience hassle-free transactions with our Flexible Payment Methods integration. Choose from a variety of supported options including Wire Transfer, Stripe, PayPal, and more through WooCommerce Payments.


Keep track of your transactions effortlessly with our Receipts feature. Receive detailed and organized records of the membership payments, ensuring transparency and smooth financial management.

Recurring Payments

Uninterrupted membership access with our Recurring Payments feature. Utilize the subscription and payment capabilities through Stripe and PayPal, ensuring your membership remains active effortlessly.

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