Elementor Page Builder Integration

Enjoy effortless website customization with our built-in Elementor integration. Create stunning layouts & designs easily, without any hassle.

Ultra Variation Widgets

Ultra Variation Single Property Widgets

Modern Variation Widgets

Classic Variation Widgets

Elementor Widgets


Live Drag & Drop Editor​

Easily customize your website with Live Drag & Drop Editor. Simply drag-and-drop content onto your page and bring your website to life with over 90+ real estate widgets widgets.

Full Website Design

Design your entire website with full flexibility. Create stunning layouts and designs or customize every existing design aspect of your site to fit your vision perfectly.

Fast Loading Speed

Experience blazing-fast loading speeds with Elementor-based pages built using our widgets. Enjoy seamless performance as your website loads swiftly.

Custom Header Support

Unlock limitless creativity with our Custom Header Templates feature. Enjoy the flexibility of customizing headers, even with the Elementor Free version.

Custom Footer Support

Make your website design next level with our Custom Footer Templates feature. Enjoy the flexibility of customizing footers, even with the Elementor Free version.

Custom Single Property

Craft unique single property pages. Enjoy the flexibility of designing each property page separately, enhancing your site's appeal and functionality with Elementor.

Advanced Search Builder

Refine user experience with the Advanced Search Builder. Utilize our custom Elementor widget to create sophisticated search functionality, enhancing properties reach.

Custom Properties Lists

Showcase properties with awesome designs. Choose from default or custom Elementor templates, offering versatile options to display properties in various styles.

Featured Properties

Highlight top properties with our Featured Properties feature. Utilize unique designs and layouts to showcase featured listings, attracting attention and driving engagement.

Agents & Agencies Lists

Empower your team with Templates & Elementor Widgets. Showcase your agents & agencies with custom designs and layouts, enhancing visibility and professionalism.

Partners Widgets

List your partners with our Partners Widgets. Utilize custom designs and layouts to showcase your trusted partners, fostering strong relationships and credibility.

Testimonials Widgets

Display customer testimonials with beautiful Testimonials Widgets. Utilize custom designs to showcase client feedback, building trust and credibility for your business.

Call to Action Widgets

Drive action with our Call to Action Widgets. Utilize customizable designs to encourage user engagement and conversions effortlessly.

Login Modal & Templates

Enhance user experience with Login Modal or Login Page. Access ready-made login, register, and forget password modals/pages to streamline user authentication.

Custom Heading Widget

Easily create attractive headings with our Custom Heading Widget. Utilize smart heading, main heading, and description options with style & layout controls.

Images Carousel Widget

Share real estate images easily with our Images Carousel Widget. Seamlessly integrate it anywhere, allowing versatile combinations with other content elements.

Properties Sliders Widget

Showcase stunning properties with the sliders. Perfect for displaying a wide range of properties in style and elegance way. Increasing the viewership and engagement.

Gallery Widget

Highlight your properties with our Gallery Widget, ideal for showcasing a diverse array of listings with flair and sophistication. Enhance viewer interest and engagement effortlessly.

Google Maps Widget

Make user engagement with detailed and interactive Google Maps. Clicking on map pins reveals property details, providing a comprehensive view. Customize the visual aesthetic with options to change the color scheme of map and its pins, ensuring a personalized and captivating exploration of your listings.

OpenStreetMap Widget

OpenStreetMap is a free, open-source map that anyone can contribute to and use. It provides detailed and constantly updated information on roads, buildings, and landmarks. Showcase your properties seamlessly on this versatile map, ensuring an engaging and informative experience.

MapBox Widget

Visualize your data like never before with MapBox Maps – the stunning and customizable way to showcase geographic information of your properties on your real estate platform. Bring a new level of interactivity to property exploration with MapBox’s cutting-edge features.

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