Build and Design Advanced Search Forms

Design your search forms with ease. Customize layout, fields, and design for seamless property searches. Easy to blend with your brand for a user-friendly property-hunting experience.

Refined Property Search

Search Form Capabilities

Highly Customizable

Customize your property search experience with ease, adjusting fields, layout, and design to fit your preferences effortlessly.

Extensive Fields

Explore a diverse array of search criteria, ensuring comprehensive property search options to meet your needs.

Multiple Search Layouts

Choose from various layout options including vertical, horizontal, and expandable designs, enhancing flexibility in property searching.

Elementor Support

Enjoy easy default layouts or opt for customizable designs through Elementor, providing advanced customization options.

Custom Fields Order

Arrange property search fields in your preferred order, ensuring a personalized and intuitive search experience.

Top Row Fields Flexibility

Customize which fields appear in the top row for quick access, with the option to expand and reveal additional fields for further tune-up.

Extend Location Fields

Opt to display a single location field or expand to show up to four fields, including parent and sub-locations or child locations in separate fields.

Geo Location Field

Enable property searches based on Google Geolocation, enhancing accuracy and convenience for users seeking properties in specific areas.

Geo Location Field

Search within a customizable radius on the map using geo-location, with the ability to adjust the radius easily using a slider for precise exploration.

Price Slider

Easily adjust minimum and maximum prices for property searches using a convenient slider, for exploration within desired price ranges.

Ajax Search

Enjoy property searches with Ajax functionality, enabling quick results without the need for page reloading, for a smooth user experience.

Custom Fields Builder

Add any new fields to property listings and search forms by using the Fields Builder to fulfill any specific needs efficiently.

Fully Responsive

Enjoy smooth property browsing on any device, with RealHomes adapting effortlessly to different screen sizes for a consistent user experience.

Custom Colors Options

Personalize your property search experience by choosing from a range of color options, or use custom options for the endless color possibilities to match with your brand exactly.

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