Earn When Properties Get Published

Enable individual property payments, allowing users to pay a specified amount to publish their properties on the website. This feature not only provides flexibility and convenience for property owners but also serves as a way for the website owner to earn revenue.

Supported Payment Methods

PayPal and Stripe Plugins Installation Page

PayPal Plugin Settings Page

Enable or disable PayPal payments, set up sandbox mode for testing, specify the price amount for property publishing, select your preferred currency, and more, all in one convenient location.

Stripe Plugin Settings Page

Enable or disable Stripe payments, specify the price amount for property publishing, select your preferred currency, and more, all conveniently located in one place. Test mode is automatically configured based on the API keys added from Stripe, ensuring easy testing and setup.

Individual Property Payments Benefits

Earn and Grow At The Same Time

Single Property Payment

Enabling single property payments, allows website owner to earn when property owners publish on the website, without offering any membership packages.

PayPal Payment Method

Enable PayPal as a payment method for users to pay when publishing properties on your website. Enjoy secure transactions, buyer protection, and seamless integration.

Stripe Payment Method

Incorporate Stripe as a payment method for smooth transactions on your platform. Enjoy benefits such as fast processing, global reach, and enhanced security.


Secure and swift, PayPal is a globally recognized payment method. Easily get paid via PayPal and enjoy peace of mind with one of the most trusted online payment solutions.


Streamline your transactions with Stripe, a reliable and efficient payment method. Experience the simplicity of secure online transactions at your fingertips.


WooCommerce Payments provides an extensive range of payment gateways. So you can offer a payment method that suits users to pay with.

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