Explore the Benefits of Integrated Maps

Discover unparalleled precision, dynamic visualizations, and enhanced user experiences. Make your real estate platform with cutting-edge mapping solutions that redefine how your users showcase and explore properties online.


Visualize your data like never before with MapBox Maps – the stunning and customizable way to showcase geographic information of your properties on your real estate platform. Bring a new level of interactivity to property exploration with MapBox’s cutting-edge features.

Feature-Rich Map Offerings

Some of Exceptional Map Capabilities

Radius Search Support

Refine property searches with precision using our Radius Search Support feature. Enable users to focus on specific geographic areas, where they find properties that meet their criteria within a defined radius.

Overlapping Spiderfier

Enhance the user experience by preventing clutter on the map with the Overlapping Spiderfier feature. Ensure clarity and ease of navigation as markers gracefully expand with a click in a cluster.

Custom Markers Support

Make your property markers uniquely yours with Custom Markers Support. By default, markers represent property types like villas or condos. However, you have the power to easily customize them from backend.


Empower users with the Geolocation feature, allowing them to locate themselves instantly on the map. Enhance property exploration by enabling users to seamlessly discover listings in their vicinity.

Property Info Window

Improve user engagement with the Property Info Window feature. Each property marker on the map opens an interactive information window, providing users with detailed property insights at a glance.

Beautiful Markers

Transform your property showcase with visually appealing markers that catch the eye. Our Beautiful Markers feature adds a touch of elegance to map navigation, making it not just functional but also customizable.

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