Translation Support for Single and Multi-Site Use

Remove language barriers and connect with audiences worldwide. You can effortlessly translate your content into single or multiple languages, ensuring inclusivity and global accessibility

Free Translated Languages

Instantly make your website multilingual with our pre-translated files, available in multiple languages to get your site ready for global audiences.

Example Translated Sites

Discover the power of multilingual websites with real-life examples. See how RealHomes themes seamlessly translate into different languages, unlocking global potential.

Ready for Multilingual Excellence

Unlock Linguistic Diversity

Translation Ready​

Power of global communication with the translation-ready feature. Translate your website content into multiple languages, ensuring a global audience reach and expanding your online presence.

WPML Support​

Empower your website's multilingual capabilities with WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin). Manage translations, language variations, and multilingual content with flexibility of each visitor's language preference.

Loco Translate Support​

With Loco Translate support, translate content directly from your WordPress dashboard, eliminating the need for external tools or complicated setups. Ensure linguistic accuracy with intuitive editing.

PolyLang Support

Experience the freedom of PolyLang, a free multilingual plugin available on Manage translations, customize language settings, and craft content structures all within your WordPress dashboard.

.POT Files Included​

RealHomes theme and related plugins come with .POT files included. Easily create new PO files for translations, ensuring your website resonates with audiences worldwide.

RTL Support

Embrace linguistic diversity effortlessly with our theme's RTL (Right-to-Left) support. Seamlessly adapt your website's layout, ensuring readability and accessibility for languages that flow from right to left.

Free .Po and .Mo Translated Files

Complimentary .PO and .MO translated files available for multiple languages. Instantly make your website multilingual and break down language barriers by creating a truly inclusive online experience, all at no additional cost.

Easy Strings Customization

Easily modify text strings directly from your WordPress dashboard of your desired language and tone. Streamline the translation process and maintain consistency across your site with simple, user-friendly customization options.

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