Predefined & Custom Color Schemes​

Instantly elevate your real estate website’s appeal with our several predefined color schemes. Or, craft a unique online presence by diving into custom color options, tailored to embody your brand’s essence. Make a lasting impression with colors that truly speak to your business.

Few Predefined Color Schemes of Ultra Design

Few Predefined Color Schemes of Modern Design​

Color schemes

Endless Styles Options

Predefined Color Schemes

Streamline your website's visual appeal effortlessly. Choose from our thoughtfully curated collection of predefined color schemes, each designed to infuse a specific mood and style into your website.

Custom Color Schemes

Unleash your creativity and brand identity. Our custom color scheme feature empowers you to personalize every aspect of your real estate website's color palette that aligns perfectly with your business.

Header Styles

Shape the first impression of your real estate website. Explore a variety of header styles that offer distinct layouts and designs. So, choose the header that best complements your brand's aesthetics.

Footer Styles

Complete your real estate website's look with our versatile footer styles. Select from a range of layouts and designs to create a polished and functional footer that enhance user experience and engagement.

Buttons Styles

Enhance your real estate website's user experience with various visually captivating button designs. Also, elevate the effectiveness of your calls-to-action and navigation while maintaining consistency.

Property Card Styles

Infuse a fresh visual appeal into your real estate listings. Explore an array of captivating card designs that beautifully present each property's unique charm and ensure an engaging browsing experience.

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