Tune Your Listings with Precision

In the dynamic world of real estate, standing out is crucial. With RealHomes’ Custom Fields Builder, you’re equipped with a powerful tool to create and customize listing fields matching to your unique needs.

Custom Fields Builder

Unleash Customization Power

Highly Customizable

Easily customize and manage new fields for your listings with different options for each, ensuring your properties stand out uniquely.

Multiple Display Locations

Enable fields across various sections like advanced search, property submit, etc giving you full control over where your information appears.

Multiple Fields Types

Choose from various field types including text, multiline text, select, checkbox list, and radio buttons when creating new fields.

Font Icons Support

Enjoy Font Awesome icon support for fields, allowing you to add visual flair and clarity to your listings with a wide range of icons to choose from.

Image/SVG icons Support

Utilize Image/SVG icon support for fields, offering enhanced visual appeal and customization options for personalized listing fields.

Drag & Drop Fields Sorting

Rearrange fields with Drag & Drop sorting, easy customization process and ensuring your listings are organized exactly as you desire.

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