Easy to use Plugin with RealHomes Theme

Inspiry memberships is a great plugin that provides membership functionality for RealHomes WordPress Theme. You can easily configure the settings without wasting your time. Now, you can easily find the settings and add memberships. You can easily find customer receipts. You can get all these features in one place. 


Salient Features:

Visit the official website and check Inspiry Membership demo here https://wordpress.org/plugins/inspiry-memberships/. If you don’t know about this plugin, download Inspiry Membership manual. You will get all the details on this manual. Feel free to contact Inspiry Membership Support.

Let’s start exploring easy to use and smart options:

  • Strip account

By using this plugin, you would be able to use your Stripe account and receive your payments for membership packages. Install this plugin on your real estate WordPress theme, and this plugin will let you create subscriptions in your Stripe account. You can use Stripe Plan Id to add membership on your real estate theme

  • PayPal

You can receive payments for memberships via PayPal. You will be able to accept payments via Visa card, Master card and credit cards which are supported by PayPal. 

inspiry memberships plugin
  • Wire Transfers

You can receive payments via Wire Transfers. The customer will receive membership details by email and will be able to pay via wire Transfer.

inspiry membership plugin
  • Recurring Payments

This plugin helps in creating recurring payments too. Try to create recurring memberships this will allow you to receive recurring payments from your clients. Payments can be received with Stripe and Paypal. You and your client will receive an email notification and a receipt. 

Inspiry Memberships Installation Steps

To use this plugin with RealHomes WordPress theme follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, you have to unzip the downloaded package.
  2. Upload inspiry-memberships plugin to the directory, i.e. wp-content/plugins.
  3. Open the “Plugin” menu and activate the “Inspiry Memberships”.



  • Tested with WordPress 5.3.2
  • It has improved the memberships subscription area and improved notification emails.
  • Updated the home page.
  • Updated the recurring payment processes and language file


  • Cancel Wire Transfer memberships from the manual.
  • The developers have fixed the free membership subscription issue
  • Also, the Receipt change bugs have been fixed.

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