You need to know about the code review tools when building your WordPress site. For building your WordPress site, code review tools help you a lot in your skills. It is an essential tool that every developer should know. This tool’s main purpose is to evaluate any new code for errors, bugs, and quality values set by the organization. The main benefit of code review is that it improves coding skills. Code review is critical because it ensures that the code is bugs free. It also increases the efficiency of your code. 

 Why Use Code Review Tools?

The main effect of the code review process is to increase the efficiency of your code. These code review methods helped a lot in the past. You may lose your code efficiency if you haven’t moved to the code review tool. You can choose any tool that is compatible with your technology stack. Here we will guide you in which code review tools are best for developing real estate WordPress themes. Some of the best code review tools are given below:

  • Review Board

Review Board is an open-source, web-based tool for reviewing code. You can test this code review tool from its official website or explore its demo. You can download the software from their website on your server. Before installing the Review Board, you should install MySQL or PostgreSQL as a database and a web server. You can also integrate it with different version control systems, including Git, CVS, and Perforce. You will be able to fix the bugs and error which are facing during the development of a real estate theme.

  • Crucible

Crucible is another one of the best code review tools for WordPress. It is a viable tool that allows you to review code, discuss code changes, and detect bugs. This tool provides two payment plans, one for small teams and large organizations. For small teams, you have to pay for once i.e., $10 to get unlimited repositories, but they are limited to five users. For large companies, payment starts from $1100 to get unlimited repositories for ten users. You also offer a 30-day free trial for both plans. To get this free offer, you don’t need to add credit card details. 

  • GitHub

GitHub allows you to maintain your Git repositories. If you already know about the GitHub, then you also know how to use forks and pull requests. Forks and pull request will help you to review code. If you don’t have an idea of Git and GitHub, then you should go through it. The GitHub has built-in code review tool. It also provides a free plan for the developers. The free plan is just for three users in private repositories. This code review tool will help you in developing the best real estate WordPress theme

  • Phabricator

Phabricator is an open-source tool that helps you in reviewing your code. You can also install the suite of code review tools on your web server. Phabricator by Phacility also provides the cloud-hosted Phabricator version. It offers a 30-days free trial.

I hope these tools helped you a lot in reviewing your code. As a WordPress developer, you should have a little bit of knowledge of these tools. 


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