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Individual Property Payments Using PayPal

Install & Activate PayPal IPN Plugin

You have to install PayPal IPN Plugin for this purpose.

Alternative Link to Download

If the above link doesn't work then you can download the plugin directly by clicking here.

  1. Navigate to Dashboard → Plugins → Add New and search for PayPal IPN as shown in the screenshot below:

    Install PayPal IPN Plugin

  2. Once found, Install and Activate the plugin.

  1. Navigate to Dashboard → Settings → PayPal IPN

    PayPal IP Settings

  2. Select the PayPal IPN Primary URL and copy it to your clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C for Windows or Cmd+C for Mac.

  3. If you want to enable logging for troubleshooting purposes, check the box below and click Save Changes as shown in the screenshot above.

  4. Navigate to Dashboard → Real Homes → Customize Settings → Members → Payments and paste the copied IPN URL in PayPal IPN URL field.

    PayPal Property Payment Settings

  5. Configure other fields based on your requirements and publish settings.

  6. Once done, You can visit my properties page on your website to view PayPal payment button for individual properties.

    My Properties Payment Buttons


In case of any issue, you can signup/login to our support website and ask your question over there.