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Setup Login & Registration

Allow Registration

To allow user registration, you need to check the Anyone can register option from Dashboard → Settings → General page and Save Changes as displayed in the following screenshot. Otherwise only Login form will be available for the users.

Anyone can register

Restrict Backend Access

You must restrict backend access of the user level which you have setup in the previous setup. So navigate to Dashboard → Real Homes → Customize Settings → Members → Basic and select Contributor (or the user role you have selected) for the first option (shown in the following screenshot).

Login & Register Page Title

Create Login & Register Page


If you have imported demo contents then Login & Register page might already be created. But you still need to configure related settings as guided near the end of this section.

To add Login & Register page, Go to Dashboard → Pages → Add New

Provide the page title

Login & Register Page Title

Select the Login & Register template from page attributes.

Login & Register Template

Provide the top banner related information

Classic Login & Register Banner Area Settings

Modern Login & Register Banner Area Settings

Publish the page once it is ready.

Configure Settings

Now you need to go to Dashboard → Real Homes → Customize Settings and look for Members panel.

Members in Customizer Settings

Look for Login & Register Section in that panel.

Members Panel

Now select the Login & Register page that has been created earlier as shown in image below.

Login & Register Customizer Settings

Publish the settings and your Login & Register page is ready for use.

User and Agent/Agency Synchronization

Synchronization between WordPress Users and Real Estate Agent/Agency can be enabled by navigating to the User & Agent/Agency Sync section under the same Members panel. After enabling it, the system will automatically add a new agent/agency for a newly registered user and related agent/agency information will be updated with an update in user information. It will work vice versa for users when new agent or agency will be added or updated.

User & Agent/Agency Sync